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Changes t in the market for frames and wall decorations have taken place.

You will have noticed, as we have, the great changes that have taken place in recent years in the market for frames and wall decorations as well as the purchasing habits and methods of consumers.

Today, consumers are looking for information on the internet and get inspired from what they find there. Even though a consumer might still end up going to a high-street store, often, they will look first on the internet. With the move towards the internet, it is easy for overseas companies to establish a ‘virtual’ presence in the market.

All This as the consumer definitely needs good nice frames or wall decoration/paintings. Especially, with all the attention that the media gives on the theme of home decor.

 In addition to domestic consumers, there is also a huge market for art for business i.e. offices, institutions, hotels etc. Here there has been little innovation in the way art is framed and presented so there is enormous potential here too. 

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